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Nil Ram is a well-established business, founded in 1975, with over 30 years of experience and excellence in the areas of food machinery and machining. Nil Ram is managed by Natan Dozeli, himself having five decades of experience in machining (including registered patents in the field).

The company's main specialty is the design and manufacture of a wide range of food machinery of the highest standard: sauce pumps, pizza dough equipment, falafel makers, pizza slicers, etc. In addition, the company manufactures all the equipment needed to fit the food processing machinery in various kitchens. The food machinery is marketed locally and internationally (specifically the falafel makers).

Nil Ram does classic machining as well: grinding, milling and manufacturing molds and dies.

The company's customers come mainly from the food industry, among them : institutional kitchens, coffee shops, falafel stands, restaurants, etc., as well as select customers such as the Ministry of Defense, army bases, hospitals, hotels, banquet halls and many more..

מכונה לכדורי פלאפל וקציצות בשר.jpg

מכונת קציצות ודגים


מכונת פלאפל

Pizza Roller Machine.jpg

פותחת בצק לפיצה

מכונות פלאפל נכונת פלאפל ניל רם 

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